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Trucks are spacious to the point that many companies prefer to buy them to carry big amounts of goods. The need for trucks has led to the proliferation of trucks companies that offer transportation services. Their services include picking up the products, transporting, storing and finally delivering the goods. They can be divided in local trucking, long-distance trucking and specialized freight trucking. The truck transportation industry has also contributed to the creation of jobs throughout the country.

There are lots of trucks companies that offer their services; these can range from local driving to specialized freight trucking. These companies have been consolidated thanks to the need for transportation of goods. Truck drivers usually need to have flexible hours because their schedule may be subject to changes, and they may have to drive long distances.

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  • Con-way, Inc.
  • Con-way, Inc.

    Con-way, Inc. was created in1929, with the name of Consolidated Truck Lines. It was a small trucking company which provided its services in a regional area only. In 1996 the name ...


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