Seagate Technology LLC

Seagate Technology LLC

Seagate Technology has a great history since 1980. The company was founded by Alan Shugart and Finis Conner with the purpose of creating and producing solid hard disk for the recently electronic market in the United States. The ST-506 was the first hard disk with the factor form of 5.25 inches. Between 1980 and 1990, the Company produced two more hard-disks, the 20 MB ST-225 and the 40 MB ST-251; both of them with its own technology Voice-Coil. Despite this innovation, Seagate hard – disks were less reliable for the user.

For that reason, since 1990 Seagate technology began to produce technology and new hard disks were destined to a wider market. Consequently in 1992, it produced the first commercial hard –disk called Barracuda with a swing speed of 7.2000 RPM and the Cheetah of 10.000 RPM. After these two launches, Seagate technology began a successful history of achievement and innovation in the sector of Hard Disks.


These innovations were reflected in the launch of the first Pocket Hard Drives at world in 2005, this same year the company acquired the other giant in Hard – Disks technology: Maxtor Corporation. Therefore, today the company shares the top spot of the biggest companies in Hard – Disk technologies with Western Digital. Actually the Seagate Technology with its commercial brand Maxtor Corporation is still leading the Market of Hard-Disk for computers, personal notebooks and business computer around the world, innovating and creating new technologies.

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Seagate Technology LLC

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