Rohm and Haas Company

Rohm and Haas Company

Rohm and Hass Company is one of the principal companies that produces and provides miscellaneous materials. This company is included in the prestigious Fortune 500 list because of its big annual revenues. We are talking about $8.89 billion in revenues and $661 million in net income in 2007. This company operates in different countries around the world nowadays. In fact, there is a big network with 100 customer service places in 27 nations worldwide. E.g. Taipei, Argentina, France, China, and Taiwan, among others.

This company is fully dedicated to the production of chemicals, sealings, coatings and salts in order to be sold to different market segments such as electronic, packaging, communications, household, automotive, computers, paper, retail, construction, food and pharmaceutical segments, among others.

The history of this big corporation began in 1907 when two visionary men from Germany-we are talking about Otto Rohm and Otto Haas- established a company in the area of Esslingen with the purpose of creating leather bate and other stuff. The company very popular and it quickly had good acceptance around the people. In 1909, the company opened a big branch in the city of Philadelphia in the United States. The success of this big corporation was the result of the combination of three elements: expert sales representatives, high-quality products and loyal customers.

Rohm and Haas Company HeadQuarters

Rohm and Haas Company

Street: 100 Independence Mall West
City: Philadelphia
State: PA
Zip Code:

Contact Information

Phone: 215-592-3000
Stock Symbol: ROH

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