Qualcomm Inc.

Qualcomm Inc.

Qualcomm is an important telecommunication company that is located in San Diego, in the state of California. This American company provides several products and services that are related to the telecommunication industry. Qualcomm Inc was established in 1985 by many people from the UC San Diego; we are talking about Irwin Jacobs, Andrew Viterbi, Harvey White, Andrew Cohen, Franklin Antonio and Adelia Coffman.

This company is fully dedicated to the manufacturing, design and commercialization of diverse telecommunication products. There are four areas which operate strategically in the company; for example, we can mention the CDMA Technologies area which is focused on the equipment of different integrated circuits and diverse software, the technology licensing area (QTL), the internet and wireless area (QWI) and the strategic initiatives area (QSI).


This company has a big commercial presence in different areas in the world such as China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. In the beginning, the products that this company produced were the OmniTracs Satellites and integrated circuits. However, throughout the years, the company has been consolidated as one of the most innovative and creative companies in the world. In addition, Qualcomm is recognized for its millionaire acquisitions. As an example, we can mention the Snap Track in 2000, Trigenix Ltd in 2004, Flarion in 2006, AMD’s Handset division in 2009 and iSkoot Technologies Inc in 2010.

Qualcomm Inc. HeadQuarters

Qualcomm Inc.

Street: Qualcomn incorporated 5775 Morehouse Drive
City: San Diego
State: CA
Zip Code: 92121-1714

Contact Information

Phone: 858-587-1121
Website: http://www.qualcomm.com
Stock Symbol: QCOM

Company information

Profit: 3247000000$
Revenues: 10991000000$
Investment: 0$
Employees: 17500

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