Performance Food Group

Performance Food Group

Performance Food Group is a principal foodservice provider in the United States. In fact, this company supplies several products such as baked goods, meats, cleaning stuff, condiments and sea food in almost 41,000 restaurants across the nation. That is why this big corporation is considered as one of the most important in the national economy because of its big annual revenues.

Like the majority of companies in the United States, Performance Food Group has a big historical background. In fact, in the beginning, this company had the name of Kenneth O. Lester Company and was founded by Mr. Kenneth O. Lester in 1930. Kenneth acquired a produce business in Tennessee for almost $286 American dollars.

Even though the Great Depression that occurred in the late 30’s was really tough, this company can overcome it and became one of the most important at that time. This is why the company decided to move its headquarters located in Nashville to Lebanon in the same Tennessee State. Without a doubt, this company is a big example of effort, patience and perseverance.

In 1956, the company decided to commercialize frozen foods. In 1968, the founder died and his son took the presidency this year. The big jump to the success occurred in 1988 when Kenneth Lester Company became principal parts of the biggest Performance Food Group.

Performance Food Group HeadQuarters

Performance Food Group

Street: 245 North Castle Heights Avenue
State: TN
Zip Code: 37087

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Phone: 804-484-7700
Stock Symbol: PFGC

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