OGE Energy Corporation

OGE Energy Corporation

OGE Energy Corporation is an energy provider in the United States. The company generates, transmits and markets electric energy, especially for Oklahoma and Arkansas. And it also gathers, processes, transports, stores and sells natural gas. Its services and products are offered to large businesses as well as to small companies and houses.

The company was formed at the end of 1902 by Edward H. Cooke. Since then, the company has been a leader in the creation of new energy technologies. OGE Energy Corporation is the parent company of three subsidiaries companies: OG&E Electric Services, Enogex LLC and OGE Energy Resources, Inc.

Each one of these companies or subsidiaries has one main mission: to provide reliable energy in order to make the lives of the customers more comfortable and pleasant.

  • OG&E Electric Services: It has the capacity to generate 6,800 megawatts of electricity from wind, natural gas and low-sulfur Wyoming coal.
  • Enogex LLC: Thanks to its pipeline, it can collect, process, transport, store and sell natural gas.
  • OGE Energy Resources, Inc.: this is a marketing company which provides financial, and physical services to companies.

OGE Energy Corporation HeadQuarters

OGE Energy Corporation

Street: 321 North Harvey, PO Box 321
City: Oklahoma City
State: OK
Zip Code: 73101-0321

Contact Information

Phone: 405-553-3000
Website: http://www.oge.com/
Stock Symbol: OGE

Company information

Profit: 300400000$
Revenues: 3716900000$
Investment: 0$
Employees: 3300

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