Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley began functioning in the year 1935, after the establishment of a law that forbade corporations -such as J.P. Morgan & Co- to carry out investment and commercial banking operations under the same holding entity. When the latter company chose commercial banking as its main business, Henry S. Morgan (son of J.P. Morgan’s founder) and Harold Stanley (a businessman, expert in investment banking), among other J.P. Morgan employees, resigned and formed Morgan Stanley as a separate firm, achieving a 24% market share (equivalent to $1.1 billion) in public offerings and private placements during the company’s first year.

Morgan Stanley has managed debts for the United States Steel Corporation and General Motors, as well as IBM’s $231 million stock offering; it lead Apple Computer’s Initial Public offering in 1980, as well as Netscape’s in 1995, thus contributing to the rapid growth of both technology and the Internet.

The company’s internationalization started in the year 1970, with the opening of their first representative office in Tokyo, Japan. An office was opened in Paris in 1975 and another one in London in 1977, eventually. More offices were established through the 80s (in cities such as Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Sydney and Zurich, among others), and through the 90s (in Amsterdam, Beijing, Buenos Aires, Geneva, Mexico city, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Stockholm, etc).

Some of the most important financial services offered by Morgan Stanley include investment banking, commercial banking, asset management, retail brokerage, prime brokerage, institutional consulting, research, distribution and commodities.

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Morgan Stanley

Street: 1585 Broadway Street
City: New York City
State: NY
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Phone: 212-761-4000
Stock Symbol: MWD

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Profit: 4703000000$
Revenues: 31622000000$
Investment: 0$
Employees: 62542

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