Macy’s Inc

Macy’s Inc

Macy’s Inc. is a department store holding company. This company is the owner of Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s department store. The company is specialized in selling clothes, jewelry, watches, dinnerware and furniture.
Macy’s Inc, operateS more than 800 stores just in the United States. Both stores of the company, Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s are different. While Bloomingdale’s offer luxurious items, Macy’s give balance to the company by offering more affordable items. The company is almost present in all the states.

The store started with the name of Federal Department Stores in Columbus, Ohio. The company, after several business movements, started to expand and as a result, the company has to add other companies. Among the years, the company changed its strategy because it was inspired by other markets around the world. Along with these changes, it was created “Black Friday” which skyrocketed the company’s sales and it helped the company become one of the most representative companies in the USA.

Macy’s Inc. is also known for being one of the largest companies in the USA.

Macy’s Inc HeadQuarters

Macy’s Inc

Street: 7 West Seventh Street
City: Cincinnati
State: OH
Zip Code: 45202

Contact Information

Phone: 513-579-7000
Stock Symbol: FD

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