Kohl's Corporation

Kohl's Corporation

Kohl's Corporation is a large department store chain in the United States with 1100 stores in 49 states and it is been working since 1962. The company has grown successfully through all those years, and it has gotten loyalty from its customers.

One of the company’s strategies is the sale of exclusive and private brands which mean a big portion of the company’s profit. All exclusive and private brands are considered as brands that customers can find only at Kohl's. The strategy has its bases in the recognition of the store as the provider of exclusivity and good quality.
Another strategy that is also very close to the abovementioned one is the merchandising of the products; that is why exclusive and private brands are already seen as symbols of style and distinction. Brands such as Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony collections, Chaps by Ralph Lauren, Elle or Daisy Fuentes’ collection are the most representative.

Kohl's wants to make its customers happy, and because of that, they have build its stores to be practical and accessible; it is always close to everyone.

Kohl's also has many initiatives in environmental and community matters. They focus on social awareness, health and education issues through activities and volunteer programs. They have also become leaders in recycling and sustainability.

Kohl's Corporation HeadQuarters

Kohl's Corporation

Street: N56 W17000 Ridgewood Drive
City: Waukesha
State: WI
Zip Code: 53501

Contact Information

Phone: 262-703-7000
Website: http://www.kohls.com
Stock Symbol: KSS

Company information

Profit: 0$
Revenues: 18000000000$
Investment: 0$
Employees: 136000

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