Kinder Morgan Management LLC

Kinder Morgan Management LLC

Kinder Morgan is nowadays a leading company in pipeline transportation and energy storage in North America. With 180 terminals and specialized sub companies, Kinder Morgan has created a partnership that is ruled by an innovative business model; such model has allowed the company to grow very fast in only 14 years.

The company provides natural gas, refined petroleum products, CO2 and oil sands to many US states and Canada. The company is a leader because it has found a balance between being a profitable business, protecting the environment and satisfying all the customers’ needs. Kinder Morgan is a company that is committed to public safety and that is why they try to follow the most strict regulations, rules and policies.

Kinder Morgan has taken many precautions for the safety of its clients, facilities and the environment; they make regular inspections to all pipelines to corroborate that there is no damage or possible danger. The company also keeps the whole community informed about the location of their pipelines and precautions that they should take in case that they are near a house or a school. To complete their safety program, Kinder Morgan works with local governments to locate any danger in facilities areas and communicate with the company constantly.

Kinder Morgan has many initiatives to help the environment and the conservation or restoring of damaged natural areas as they did in Stoney Creek, Raft River Bank and Rattlesnake in Canada.

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Kinder Morgan Management LLC

Street: Suite 1000, 500 Dallas Street
City: Houston
State: TX
Zip Code: 77002

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Phone: 713-369-9000
Stock Symbol: KMR

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Profit: 0$
Revenues: 0$
Investment: 3300000000$
Employees: 8000

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