J.P. Morgan Chase & Co

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co

JP Morgan is a big corporation in the United States; it is totally focused on providing retail, investments and banking services in the entire country. This company was founded in the year of 1823 in New York. Without a doubt, this company is considered as the best in offering financial solutions. There are plenty of strategic areas which efficiently help customers. For instance we can mention the investment bank area, the commercial banking area, the treasury services area, the asset Management area, the retail financial services area and the card services area.

In addition, JP Morgan is considered as the best bank in the United States because of its big annual revenues and millionaire assets. According to the Fortune magazine, the total assets of the company reach the impressive amount of $2 trillion. In addition, this American corporation is well-recognized in the world business because of it has the biggest hedge funds in the world; we are talking about The Hedge fund. The hedge fund was created thanks to the merge between J.P Morgan & Co and Chase Manhattan Corporation in 2000.

The corporative office is situated in Manhattan, New York city. However, the commercial bank is located in the tall Chase Tower in Chicago, Illinois.

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co HeadQuarters

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co

Street: 270 Park Ave
City: New York City
State: NY
Zip Code: 10017

Contact Information

Phone: 212-270-6000
Website: http://www.jpmorganchase.com
Stock Symbol: JPM

Company information

Profit: 17370000$
Revenues: 115475000$
Investment: 0$
Employees: 250095

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