Jones Apparel Group Inc

Jones Apparel Group Inc

The Jones Group Inc is a big corporation that is involved in the apparel industry. This company is totally dedicated to the production, design, wholesale, marketing of different products such as footwear, accessories and clothes in different parts of Canada and the United States. In fact, some products and items that this company sells are blouses, outerwear, jackets, footwear, dresses, casual tops, leathers clothes, sweaters, pants, and jewelry.


In addition, this company sells products of different international brands such as Givenchy and Dockers, among others. Without a doubt, this company can be differentiated as one of the best in the world because of its efficient infrastructure, design, sourcing and innovative merchandizing process. Furthermore, it has consolidated its brand thanks to the consistency, high quality and design of its products.

The company was established in New York City in the year of 1975 by the brilliant mind of Sidney Kimmel. Jones Apparel Group Inc used to be a subdivision of the famous Grace & Co but several years later, Kimmel discovered a big potential on himself to start his own business. By the time, this company grew up enormously and it is nowadays one of the best companies in the United States and Canada.

Jones Apparel Group Inc HeadQuarters

Jones Apparel Group Inc

Street: 1411 Broadway New York
City: New York city
State: NY
Zip Code: 10018

Contact Information

Phone: 215-785-4000
Stock Symbol: JNY

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