Jabil Circuit

Jabil Circuit

Jabil circuit is one of the most important providers of powerful solutions in the electronic manufacturing industry. In fact, Jabil Circuit Inc offers reliable services of mechanical design, product management and other important services in different companies of automotive, aerospace, defense, medical, telecommunications and computing areas among others. Jabil Circuit has a large number of important subsidiaries which operate in different parts of the world. E.g. The Celebit technology private that is located in India, Celetronix that is situated in the United States, Digitek Electronics that is located in Hong Kong, Green point Technology that is located in China and Jabil C.M that is located in Italy.

This company was established in 1966 by the visionary mind of James Golden and William E. Morean. In fact, the current name of the company is the result of the combination of the two first names of the founders. In the beginning, this company was dedicated to assembling process of control Data circuits. Jabil Circuit Inc has a large number of facilities in different countries such as Poland, Singapore, Ukraine, China, Austria, Hungary, Vietnam, Belgium, India, Mexico, UK and Brazil. This company has big headquarters located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Jabil Circuit HeadQuarters

Jabil Circuit

Street: 10560 Dr. Martin Luther King N
City: St. Petersburg
State: FL
Zip Code: 33716

Contact Information

Phone: 727-577-9749
Website: http://www.jabil.com
Stock Symbol: JBL

Company information

Profit: 168800000$
Revenues: 13409400$
Investment: 0$
Employees: 0

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