ITT Industries, Inc.

ITT Industries, Inc.

ITT Industries, Inc is one of the most powerful companies in the technology industry. In fact, this global corporation is focused in the production of high quality products and extraordinary services. The company included more than 8.000 professionals laboring in different parts of the world. That is why this company is considered as the best place to work for. In addition, the company has the vision to create a strong relationship between the society and the customers. In fact, this company has the function of support the different problems and challenges of their customers in several aspects. ITT Industries, Inc is pretty committed with the social responsibility and the protection of environmental issues.

Definitely, this company is really recognized in almost the entire world because of its efficient processes. In fact, the company is involved in several sectors of the global market such as fluids management, security, flow control and defense just to mention a few. In 2008, the Forbes Magazine included this company among the best managed corporations in America.

This company was established in 1920 with the former name of International Telephone & Telegraph. However, the company changed its name as ITT Corporation due to commercial purposes in 2006.

ITT Industries, Inc. HeadQuarters

ITT Industries, Inc.

Street: 1133 Westchester Avenue
City: Westchester
State: NY
Zip Code: 10604

Contact Information

Phone: 914-641-2000
Stock Symbol: ITT

Company information

Profit: 798000000$
Revenues: 11155000000$
Investment: 0$
Employees: 40000

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