Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation is considered as one of the most important producers of communication and computing technology in the world. In fact, this company is the responsible of producing, designing, manufacturing and commercializing several technological products that improve the computer industry. As an example, we can mention microprocessors products, desktops, notebooks, serves, computer applications, electronic devices and storage products. The company created flash memory products, software products, PC components, handheld devices and state driver, etc. In addition, Intel Corporation produces several supportive products like system chips which are used in other technology systems such as video, audio and graphics applications.

This big corporation was established thanks to the initiative of two visionary people; we are talking about Gordon E. Moore (chemist) and Robert Noyce (physicist). They acquired enough experience to develop a technologic enterprise from the company Fairchild Semiconductor. They founded the company in Santa Clara, California in 1968.

The initial name of the company was NM Electronics. But after a year, the company changed its name as Intel which is a short way of Integrated Electronics. Since its creation, this technological company was recognized because of its ability to elaborate innovative products.

Intel Corporation HeadQuarters

Intel Corporation

Street: 2200 Mission College Boulevard
City: Santa Clara
State: CA
Zip Code: 95054-1549

Contact Information

Phone: 408-765-8080
Stock Symbol: INTC

Company information

Profit: 11464000000$
Revenues: 43623000000$
Investment: 0$
Employees: 96500

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