Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Illinois Tool Works Inc is one of the most representative companies in the United States because of its international distribution of industrial products. This company was founded by Byron L. Smith who was a visionary entrepreneur looking for a big opportunity of getting money. He established this big corporation in 1912 in the city of Glenview, Illinois. Definitely this company is a big example of perseverance and effort. The success that this company acquired was the result of the creation of value-added items for specific customers in different parts of the world. That is why this company was included in the prestigious fortune 500 list.

Nowadays, there are more than 60,000 people working in this excellent corporation. In addition, this company has 852 businesses in almost 50 nations around the world. In fact, Illinois Tool Works Inc included 20,000 patents worldwide in 2007. As one of the biggest corporations in the world, there are several strategic areas which operate efficiently in the company. As an example we can mention the transportation area which produces fluids, polyester coatings, fasteners and diverse plastic stuff, the industrial packaging area that offers several metal jacketing, plastic strapping and insulation products. The Electronics and system area produces several electronic components, arc welding tools and solder implements among others.

Illinois Tool Works Inc. HeadQuarters

Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Street: 3600 West Lake Avenue
City: Cook
State: IL
Zip Code: 60026-1215

Contact Information

Phone: 847-724-7500
Stock Symbol: ITW

Company information

Profit: 1527200000$
Revenues: 15870400000$
Investment: 0$
Employees: 59000

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