HD Supply, Inc.

HD Supply, Inc.

With over 14,000 associates and 680 locations in the United States and Canada, HD Supply Inc. is a leading corporation in products and services that are related to construction, repair, maintenance and energy markets. They provide quality products and a great service to all their customers; their portfolio is varied and they assure that they can provide whatever you need, whenever you need it and wherever you need it.

The company bought Hughes Supply, a large and well-known wholesaler of construction supplies, in January 2006 and it was included in the Home Depot Division. A great number of associates take care of the customers and their business by helping them to go beyond their needs and by working with professionalism. Having over 80 years of experience, they surely know how to do so.

HD Supply, Inc. HeadQuarters

HD Supply, Inc.

Street: 171 Armour Dr NE
State: GA
Zip Code: 30324

Contact Information

Phone: 407-841-4755
Website: http://www.hdsupply.com
Stock Symbol: HUG

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