General Dynamics Corporation

General Dynamics Corporation

General Dynamics Corporation is a one of the leader companies that are dedicated to the aerospace, marine, defense, communications, electronics and aviation industries. General Dynamics was founded in 1952 with the fusion of Consolidated Vultee with Electric Boat Company and some other small businesses. Since its foundation, the company has acquired over 50 companies, this expansion, as well as the quality of the services and products that it provides, has made the company grow in an impressive way.

General Dynamics Corporation covers many fields; for this reason, it is divided in four businesses groups which, at the same time, direct several of the brands that the company manages. These businesses groups are:
The Aerospace group, it directs Jet Aviation and Gulfstream Aerospace. This group designs, manufactures, sells and maintains jet aircrafts. It also provides business-aviation services.

The Combat Systems group, it develops, manufactures, and provides technical support to products that are used for combat. Its products are exclusively sold to the USA and to its allies. Some of the products that this group offers are: wheeled, tracked, amphibious combat vehicles, weapons, armament, defensive armor, countermeasures, all caliber munitions, mortar weapons, artillery projectiles, bomb bodies, etc.

The Information Systems and Technology group, it provides services to help its customers with all the aspects that are related to communications, security communities, networking, space systems, IT services, enterprise solutions, etc.

The Marine Systems group, it develops, builds and maintains several surface ships and submarines for the American Navy and its allies.

General Dynamics Corporation HeadQuarters

General Dynamics Corporation

Street: 2941 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 100
City: Falls Church
State: VA
Zip Code: 22042-4153

Contact Information

Phone: 703-876-3000
Stock Symbol: GD

Company information

Profit: 2624000000000$
Revenues: 32466000000000$
Investment: 0$
Employees: 90000

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