Enterprise Products Partners

Enterprise Products Partners

The history of this big corporation began in 1968 when a small company decided to became an official marketer of natural gas. In 1972, Enterprise Products Company decided to invest in new and modern pipelines in the city of Mont Belvieu in the state of Texas. The next year, in order to expand the company Enterprise Products Partners acquired one of the biggest Cargo companies at that time; it was called Cango. In the year of 1979, this corporation had been already constructed a largest pipeline complex in Texas and a big gas liquids fractionator in Mississippi.

In 1980, the pipeline complex began to produce more than 30.000 barrels of liquid gas per day. In this same year, the corporation purchased Wanda Petroleum Company. In 1982, the company finished the last level of a new NLG Seminole fractionator in Texas (Mont belvieu) and the company began producing 60.000 barrels per day. In 1999, Enterprise Products Partners was recognized in the entire United States. In this same year, the corporation made another important commercial deal; it purchased Texas Natural Gas Liquids with the impressive amount of $375 million of dollars in cash.


Without a doubt, this company has been evolving enormously throughout the last centuries. Nowadays, it is considered as an important company among other powerful oil and natural gas corporations in the world.

Enterprise Products Partners HeadQuarters

Enterprise Products Partners

Street: 1100 Louisiana Street 10th floor
City: Houston
State: TX
Zip Code: 77002

Contact Information

Phone: 713-880-6500
Website: http://www.epplp.com
Stock Symbol: EPD

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