Dillard's Inc

Dillard's Inc

Dillard's Inc is an important company which possesses a big chain of department stores in different parts of the United States. This company was founded in 1938, when William Dillard had the brilliant idea to establish a retail store. He borrowed from his family the amount of $8,000 dollars and started careers to the success. William acquired a lot of experience in retail processes, working in a store called Mineral Spring. In fact, he worked in this store for almost 12 years.

He was really well-trained in different aspects of the retail industry. In fact, he was pretty involved in effective advertizing aspects. He just tried to learn more about the businesses in order to get successful. In 1948, Dillard made an important commercial step when sold a big store located in Nashville city. He expanded the businesses with the money of that purchase. Since then, this big company has been evolving positively and is quite recognized across the United States.

This company created a credit card in 2004 exclusively managed by the millionaire Dillard´s National Bank. These credit cards can be used in different stores where American express brands are accepted. Nowadays, Dillard’s Inc is one of the most important chains of supermarkets in the country because of its excellent prices and promotions.

Dillard's Inc HeadQuarters

Dillard's Inc

Street: 1600 Cantrell Rd
City: Little Rock
State: AR
Zip Code: 72201

Contact Information

Phone: 501-376-5200
Website: http://www.dillards.com/
Stock Symbol: DDS

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