Crown Holdings Inc.

Crown Holdings Inc.

Crown Holdings, Inc. is a company that produces packing for other companies. Crown creates the designs, develops them, produces, offers, sells and distributes all types of packing and containers.

Some of the products that Crown Holdings manufactures are: Aluminum and Steel Cans, Beverage Ends, Crowns, Metal Closures, Promotional Tabs, Shaped Containers, Speciality Containers, Aerosol Containers, Easy-Open Ends, Food Containers, High-Impact Decoration & Finishes, etc. They are use to can beverages, food, beauty products, paints of different brands.

Crown Holdings, Inc. has 139 plants in 41 different countries. There are 47 plants in America, 14 in Asia and finally 74 in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

All the containers that the company develops are made of metal. This is because metal is the best material to keep food and other products safe. It does not require refrigeration, it does not break easily, it assures the conservation of the nutrients and it is recyclable.

As a matter of fact, this last characteristic is one of the most important. Metal is the most recyclable material nowadays. It can be used several times. For this reason, Crown Holdings, Inc. will continue to design and produce containers made of metal. The commitment of the company is improve the manufacture processes of these products in order to obtain better metal containers.

Crown Holdings Inc. HeadQuarters

Crown Holdings Inc.

Street: One Crown Way
City: Philadelphia
State: PA
Zip Code: 19154

Contact Information

Phone: 215-698-5100
Stock Symbol: CCK

Company information

Profit: 324000000$
Revenues: 7941000$
Investment: 0$
Employees: 20500

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