CMS Energy Corporation

CMS Energy Corporation

CMS Energy Corporation is an energy company which serves people in Michigan. The company has two subsidiaries:

- The first subsidiary is Consumers Energy: it operates the utility businesses of the company. Consumers Energy operates in two main segments.
- The segment of electricity; counts with several electricity generating plants. It is also the most important developer of renewable energy in Michigan. It provides electricity to more than 1.7 million people. But it not only generates the energy, it also purchases, distributes and trades it.
- The segment of gas; it provides natural gas to more than 215 cities. The company buys, transports, distributes, storages and sells natural gas. Gas is mainly used for heating, so it has a great demand during cold seasons. For this reason, the company has built one of the largest underground gas storage, to store gas during hot seasons that will be used when necessary.
- The second subsidiary is CMS Enterprises; it directs the non-utility businesses of CMS. It operates independent power generating plants and marketing activities. Most of these power plants are located in Michigan; nevertheless, there are some in North Carolina. All of them have an approximately capacity of 1.130 MW.

CMS Energy Corporation HeadQuarters

CMS Energy Corporation

Street: One Energy Plaza
City: Jackson
State: MS
Zip Code: 49201

Contact Information

Phone: 517-788-0550
Stock Symbol: CMS

Company information

Profit: 340000000$
Revenues: 6442000$
Investment: 0$
Employees: 7822

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