CIT Group Inc.

CIT Group Inc.

CIT Group Inc. was founded in 1908 by Henry Ittleson. The company had the purpose of providing financial help to small business. Until these days, the purpose is still the same; nevertheless, some innovations have been done with the purpose of improving the service that the company offers. Nowadays the company has more than one million of small and middle businesses as clients. CIT has clients in about 20 countries in North and South America, Asia and Europe.

CIT Group Inc. has several divisions; each one solves a different financial need. They are:

  • Corporate Finance provides advisory and financial services to small and middle companies in Real Estate, communication, energy, entertainment, medical, IT, restaurants and sports industry.
  • Trade Finance is directed to companies which sell into retail. This section offers these companies the possibility of purchasing its accounts receivable and assuming the responsibility of the business’ debt.
  • Transportation Finance, its services are oriented to the transportation industry; especially the rails and aerospace sectors. It provides leasing and financing packages for the businesses that need it.
  • Vendor Finance has manufactures, distributors and product resellers as its main clients. It provides integral business solutions.
  • CIT Insurance Services provides a variety of insurance products to small and middle businesses.

CIT Group Inc. HeadQuarters

CIT Group Inc.

Street: 11 West 42 Street
City: New York city
State: NY
Zip Code: 10036

Contact Information

Phone: 973-740-5000
Stock Symbol: CIT

Company information

Profit: 516800000$
Revenues: 6362500000$
Investment: 345900000$
Employees: 3778

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