Brunswick Corporation

Brunswick Corporation

Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company was named Brunswick Corporation before it merged with other companies but in 1960 returned to its original name, Brunswick Corporation. The company started as an idea of J.M. Brunswick and it started as a carriage marriage company; then it expanded its production to cabinets, chairs and tables. Then it comes up the idea of entering to the amusement industry, and the company starts to produce billiard tables. The idea was a success and the company started to grow rapidly.


The billiard table company start its expansion in 1874 when it merged with its rival Julius Balke's Great Western Billiards Table Manufactory and it gained a new name, The J. M. Brunswick and Balke Company. In 1878, the company merges again with another company and gets its final name, Brunswick-Balke-Collender; it became the largest pool table manufacturer.

After the merge, the company decided to accelerate the production market and it started to innovate again by entering the bowling market.

The company had such a great successful that it was listed in the magazine Fortune 500. As Brunswick Company works with wood, it entered the marine business. It later focused on the technology industry, and it also entered the fitness equipment industry. As you can realize, Brunswick Corporation is always trying to innovate and looking for new objectives. They are trying to become the best on each field that they enter.

Brunswick Corporation HeadQuarters

Brunswick Corporation

Street: 1 North Field Court
City: Lake
State: IL
Zip Code: 60045-4811

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Phone: 847-735-4700
Stock Symbol: BC

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