BASF's Catalysts division

BASF's Catalysts division

Catalysts is a division of one of the largest companies of the world called BASF SE; the company division has the objective of create technologies that do not contaminate the air and protect it so the human race can always breathe better and cleaner air. The company creates technology that produces fuel and plastic, and a variety of chemicals.

The catalysts division produces and develops mobile emissions catalysts; it also processes catalysts and technologies for a broad range of customers around the world. It also provides precious metals procurement, sales and related services. Because it is always trying to lead the market, it is always in a process of innovation.

BASF's Catalysts division HeadQuarters

BASF's Catalysts division

Street: 25 Middlesex/Essex Turnpike
City: Middlesex
State: NJ
Zip Code: 08830-0770

Contact Information

Phone: 732-205-5000
Stock Symbol: EC

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