Avnet, Inc.

Avnet, Inc.

Avnet Inc. is considered as one of the most important corporations in the world because of its millionaire revenues. In fact, this international company was included in the list of the most powerful companies in the world by Fortune 500. This company provides electronic devices, implements and computer products for a large number of important customers worldwide. Avnet Inc. has a big commercial presence in more than 70 countries of the planet.

The principal headquarter of the corporation is located in the city of Phoenix in Arizona.
As a big corporation in the world, Avnet is divided into several strategic departments in order to do the things properly. As an example, we can mention technology solutions which are targeted at solving problems related with products and systems. Another important area is logistics.

The history of this international company began in 1921 when a Russian entrepreneur called Charles Avnet started to commercialize radio implements and parts in a famous urban street called Radio Rows. The business of selling radio parts was really good for Avnet that made a lot of money doing this activity in 1920. Charles opened a plant which served as connector assembly in 1956. Nowadays, this firm is a large employer in the country.

Avnet, Inc. HeadQuarters

Avnet, Inc.

Street: 2211 South 47th Street
City: Phoenix
State: AZ
Zip Code: 85034

Contact Information

Phone: 480-643-2000
Website: http://www.avnet.com
Stock Symbol: AVT

Company information

Profit: 0$
Revenues: 0$
Investment: 0$
Employees: 17600

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