Amerada Hess Corporation

Amerada Hess Corporation

Amerada Hess Corporation is a big company engaged in the extraction, transportation, production and commercialization of natural gas and crude oil in the United States of America. According to Fortune list of 2009, Amerada Hess Corporation was in the 55th position among other important companies in the country.


The company was founded in 1919 thanks to the initiative of Lord Cowdray who was a successful British entrepreneur in that time. He was looking for expanding his enterprise in North America market. In this fashion, Lord Cowdray created an important subsidiary in the United States called Arameda Petroleum Corporation.


During 1920, this corporation took off, and became the most important oil producer in America. However, several years later the company suffered a downturn due to the Great Depression which hit the nation. On the other hand, the corporation reached the highest sales records in the history with approximately $100 million in 1955.


Amerada Hess Corporation possesses many production and exploration plants in different parts of the world. As an example, we can mention Ghana, Egypt, United Kingdom, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil and Libya, just to mention a few.

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Amerada Hess Corporation

Street: 1185 Avenue of the Americas
City: New York City
State: NY
Zip Code: 10036

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Phone: 212-997-8500
Stock Symbol: AHC

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Employees: 10838

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